What Are The Benefits Of Teeth In A Day?

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Many times, our doctors in the Glendale area see patients who are specifically in need of restorative dentistry, which is actually slightly different than general dentistry. As its name implies, restorative dentistry is necessary when a patient has lost one or more teeth to either damage or decay and needs to have them restored to gain full use of their dental abilities again.

Teeth in a Day is one of the most popular choices in recent years among patients who need to replace a large number of teeth in a short amount of time. The procedure is fast and relatively pain-free, and because the implantation itself only takes one office visit, it allows the patient to get back on their feet and to their regular lives in no time at all.

Let’s take a few moments now to go into more detail about the benefits of undergoing the Teeth in a Day procedure when a patient needs to have multiple sets of teeth replaced at once.

Teeth in a Day Helps to Prevent Jaw Bone Deterioration

For patients in Glendale who are hoping to prevent further jaw bone deterioration, or who are trying to prevent it before it even begins because they are on the cusp of it beginning to happen, Teeth in a Day is a fantastic place to start, as it allows for a permanent and immediate solution to this very problem.

Jaw bone deterioration occurs when a patient has missing or damaged teeth in their mouth. If the teeth do not touch one another while chewing on a regular basis, the roots of the teeth, which are connected to the jaw bone, are not able to send the brain the necessary signals that are required to refresh the jaw bone.

When the jaw bone does not receive this necessary nourishment, it begins to deteriorate over time, as the body believes it is no longer necessary and starts to reabsorb it. By replacing these missing or damaged teeth, the brain can start receiving these signals again.

Teeth in a Day Implants are Both Strong and Stable

Another great benefit for our patients in Glendale who choose to receive Teeth in a Day is that these implants are strong and stable, which means that they can immediately be used right away.

The patient will still have to go on a soft food diet for a short period of time and maintain excellent oral hygiene, but that is no different from the work that would be necessary if they had their natural teeth. Because these implants are made from titanium, they are not prone to chipping or decaying, even after many years of usage.

In just a few short weeks, a patient will be able to bite into a delicious apple or a juicy steak again and feel like they haven’t missed a beat at all.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Teeth in a Day implants in Glendale, please contact our doctors today by phone at (626) 636-3326.