Teeth In A Day Vs. The Typical Implant Timeline

Mature Couple Smiling and Sitting on BeachFor patients in La Cañada who are in need of restorative dental services but don’t know where to begin, electing to have the Teeth in a Day procedure done is a great place to start. Not only are these implants strong and reliable, as they are made of highly durable titanium, but this procedure, as far as the implantation itself, can be completed in just one simple office visit.

By contrast, having traditional dental implants inserted instead of going the Teeth in a Day route can add an extra three to six months to the required time necessary to complete the procedure. But how is it possible that the former procedure can save so much time and achieve, in some cases, even better results?

In order to answer that question in full, a person would have to have an understanding of the way that dental implant procedures work in general, so let’s take a few moments to go into the timeline of this type of procedure in more detail.

The Initial Consultation

Whether a patient in La Cañada is interested in going the Teeth in a Day route or having traditional implants, the initial step of both procedures is always the same. Our doctors will ask the patient a series of questions and then take notes on what strategy would work best for them. In many instances, they are also required to receive an X-ray of their teeth, so the doctors have a full sense of both the number of teeth that need to be replaced and the amount of jawbone that they are working with.

Bone Grafting

 This is where the timelines for the two procedures being to diverge radically. If a patient in La Cañada opts to have traditional dental implants put in, there is a big possibility that they will need to have to bone grafts to surgically add additional density to their jaw bone, as there will not be enough there already to complete the procedure.

With Teeth in a Day, however, that step of the process is entirely cut out because it is unnecessary. The reason for this has to do with the way the Teeth in a Day procedure is designed in terms of its structure. 

What Happens During the Teeth in a Day Procedure?

When a patient undergoes the Teeth in a Day procedure, they will receive an entirely new row of top teeth, bottom teeth, or both, if necessary. The reason that a patient does not need to have any type of bone grafting work done is that the entire prosthetic row is reliant on only four implant teeth that are strategically placed in the mouth.

Because of this, our doctors will need far less jaw bone than they would if they had to focus on individually pulling out every single tooth from a patient’s mouth.

If you or someone you know in La Cañada would be interested in learning more about the Teeth in a Day procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our doctors today. They can be reached by phone at (626) 636-3326.