Do You Like Your Denture Paste?

Mature Female in Pink Turtle Neck Sweater and GlassesHaving a pair of dentures in your mouth 24/7 makes things a bit difficult. If you have dentures, you probably are dealing with a couple of issues that are uncomfortable for you. You may have issues while eating, problems speaking correctly and enunciating properly, and overall discomfort. Dentures can sometimes lead to bad breath, and if they are not cleaned routinely, they can lead to health problems in your mouth. To avoid having these sorts of issues, dentures require a lot of care and maintenance. For example, to keep your dentures clean and hygienic, one of the main ways you can help your oral health is by using a denture paste (or adhesive).

What is Denture Paste Used For?

Denture paste is mostly used to keep your dentures in place. The paste can come in a glue-like form, powder form, and other options. Sometimes denture paste is used in place of suction or clasps to keep your dentures in the right position. This is a popular option for many Pasadena patients that have dentures.

The paste is also used to keep your dentures looking natural. Some patients in Pasadena may use the denture paste to fix ill-fitting dentures that are not properly placed in your mouth. If they are moving around inside of your mouth, your dentures aren’t doing the job they’re supposed to be doing. After wearing dentures for a while, you’ll have to get used to the task of applying denture paste. For some patients, that may be perfectly routine and normal. However, there are also many patients with dentures that may not want to deal with the extra frustration and difficulty.

Is Denture Paste Absolutely Necessary?

Denture paste can be applied any time of the day and is available in different travel sizes for convenience. Although denture paste is pretty common among denture wearers, it can end up being somewhat of a hassle. The paste can be can messy when it is being used and may be difficult to apply. Overall, the adhesive can feel awkward for the wearer and make you feel irritable and unhappy. However, if you do not like your denture paste, we can tell you how to avoid all of these problems.

Lytle, Tate & Stamper Provide Alternatives to Dental Paste and Dentures

At Lytle, Tate & Stamper in Pasadena, we have many options for you and your teeth. If you are dealing with the inconvenience and nuisance of having to use denture paste, there are a couple of different options for you to consider. We offer dental implants, an All-on-4 treatment concept, and various other quality procedures that can be helpful for anyone in Pasadena looking for a solution. At our practice, we are seeking to provide permanent solutions to teeth problems. Residents in Pasadena trust Lytle, Tate & Stamper to help offer treatment for problems including dentures and dental implants. Our team will work closely with you individually to ensure that you feel safe, comfortable, and knowledgeable about what your options are. Call us at our office today at (818) 952-9388 to set up a consultation or speak with someone today.